Allergic Reaction


I awoke very early one morning to a throbbing feeling in my lips. My body was itching on my back, shoulders, face, and arms. Within 15 minutes the size of my lips and face doubled in size. The top of my eyebrows swelled the most as well as both jawbones. I went to my doctor who suggested I get a cortisone shot, which I disagreed. He suggested I see a skin specialist. We talked about possible sources to my new allergy. Skin test and blood tests were done. She suggested meds but I wanted to take the natural route. The swelling and itching worsened. I even stopped by my Dentist to make sure I did not have an abscessed tooth. There was no explanation to the third allergic outburst in three months. When I got home I felt awful, and what I describe as a big germ. I decided to call my friend, Gary Pyles, for advice. I explained my situation to him and he suggested I buy some powdered vitamin C. I added a pack to 1/4 cup of water and within the hour I began to feel the results. I could literally feel the vitamin C fighting for me. Within 24 hours the swelling was gone, the itching was slowly dissipating and my face was presentable again! Thanking God for the wise counsel and excellent results! Blessings


Delaine L.



I have a testimony  for you?


I took your advice about my blood pressure  issues. This week God showed me where my  physical  body was out of alignment  with my faith  in  God, I   acknowledged, confessed and repented. Early Wednesday  morning  I  entered  into spiritual warfare denouncing  all migraine pain, blood  pressure  elevations and toothache  pain  from my body, from  my  mind  and from my household. 

Saturday  I am  free from all pain, stress, toothache, I didn't  take any blood pressure  meds. I'll  get blood pressure  checked  but I'm giving  God victory  over my healing from blood pressure  and a displaced jawbone  in Jesus  name!


Delaine L



Life Changing


My 12 year old daughter has had health issues since birth.  To begin with she was born almost 2 months late (the hospital was overcrowded and they did not have beds available).  Once they were able to induce labor it was a very long delivery.  Being unable to eat or drink anything I became dehydrated and developed a fever.  As a result, my daughter was born with a fever.  Within 1 hour of delivery, IV antibiotics were started and given to her for 5 days.  For the first day and a half she was not given any food.  Routine tests showed that she was not born with an infection.  She did, however, acquire a Staph infection from being in the NICU.  From that point on she was sick almost nonstop until she was almost 8 years old.  She had chronic ear infections until she was 7 years old.  She had 2 surgeries, the first at age 2 and the second at age 4.  She had 2 sets of tubes inserted in her ears but the infections continued.  By the time she was 2 years old she was resistant to five different antibiotics.  Our lives had become a routine of going to the doctor every 13 days for a new antibiotic.  It seemed as though her body could not live without them.  The ear infections stopped at age seven but were followed by 3 bouts of pneumonia within 6 months.  She has also had chronic GI issues (diarrhea as an infant, constipation since solid foods were introduced, enlarged intestines and colon, cravings and nausea) and eczema since birth. Her eczema was so bad that it looked like someone had scrubbed her with a wire brush.  The pediatric specialists have never been able to find a cause for these.  The only answer they could give us was to put her on a strict diet restricting all sugars and white starches (rice, potatoes, bread).  They even said that she could not have cake for her birthday and would not be allowed to attend her friends' parties.  Even with the restrictions the issues remained. 


I attended Gary's class.  After the lessons on Enzymes and Probiotics I started my daughter on Probiotics first followed by Enzymes a week later.  After only four days on Probiotics we noticed a significant improvement. The constipation is gone, her colon is shrinking, she feels healthy, has more energy, the constant sugar cravings are gone and her eczema is clearing up.  She has lost about 10 pounds in only a week. 


Thank you Gary for sharing your knowledge.  This class has truly been life altering. 


Scarlett P.


Grateful for the Assistance


I wanted to give this testimony concerning the knowledge and products that I received from Apex CS and Vita Base.  I was diagnosed with acute dermatitis on my face.  I literally looked like my face had been in a fire.  The doctor told me that my blood was too thick because it had many parasites in it.  Gary knew that blood could be thinned by taking enzymes and he knew that the parasites should have not gotten into my blood, except that my intestinal walls were letting them through.  So Gary suggested the Garden of Life Probiotics that Vita Base sells, as well as the enzymes.  Since I already pursue health I was familiar with the Garden of Life product line, but found it to be on the expensive side.  I got both the enzymes and the probiotics for a very fair price from Vita Base.  And in only days the extreme redness on my face began to improve and it is continuing to improve with each day.  Of course I am very grateful and pleased with these results.  I also was taking belly shots from the doctor's office, which were helping me for a time, but the cost was $60 per week, plus $15 in gas to get to the office.  I was able to stop those and saved myself approximately $180 by being able to stop them, because the enzymes and probiotics were working that well.


Patricia D.


Angina Gone & Blood Pressure Lowered


I started taking Healthy Heart’s Heart & Body Extract a year ago last February (2008). I took it very consistently per the instructions. After two and a half months, the pain I experienced while hiking was gone and my blood pressure which was around 145/82 started dropping. Six months into the regime the angina was still gone and my blood pressure range, at rest, was around 125/72. I continued to take it for about 4 more months on a regular basis. After one hike my blood pressure was 108/64. It had never been that low. To preface this story so that you know what HHC did, I had a moderate heart attack in 1999. I failed all the stress tests and was scheduled for an angiogram with the view of placing a stint in me. After reading about chelation therapy in the hospital from some friends , I ask to be let out of the hospital without them doing anything. I went into chelation therapy and it changed my life completely. My whole dietary lifestyle changed for the better. Four years later I started having angina pains but I didn’t do anything about them until they became very severe. Hiking mountains was out of the question unless I did it very slowly. This is where Healthy Heart came in. I am so grateful for the product and I recommend it for anyone with a heart or blood pressure condition.


Gary P.



Skin Tag Gone


Sorry that I am late in answering your email.  The treatment worked on the one skin tag that irritated me so much.  It took a while and was a little painful when I applied the treatment, but it did work.  Thanks for the info.


Edith C.



MMS  & Parasites

 I started taking MMS (Master Mineral Solution), a few weeks ago.   After hearing about it in Gary's class, not sure of what would take place.  Thinking it will remove things in my system that are not meant to be there. Well, I started the first week and nothing happened, second week I decided I will do it for two or three days and go up to  6 or 7 drops.  I noticed I was getting stomach aches and or twinges in my stomach not knowing what was going on.  Just that it maybe killing pathogens or whatever I had.  As I got to higher doses my system was being purged of parasites.  No doubt about it, this stuff ridded my body of many things.  I also took probiotics first thing in the morning and the MMS.  To let it work on my system.  I would do up to 3 or 4 doses, by the fourth  I really didn't feel like doing to much the rest of the day.   The next day I would feel much better.  Amazing!!!!  I have noticed my abdomen is not so swollen and I feel it has truly ridden my body of illness.  I am continuing to take the MMS at 10 drops occasionally and let it take care of things. 

    This class on Health has been truly a blessing, I knew the Lord was prompting me to take it.  Sometimes it seemed tedious, but I know there was a reward.  Gary Pyles is very knowledgeable about many health things.  And I would say this class is over and above a lot of information you learn anywhere on key components, to truly taking care of yourself. 



 Linda V.

P.S.  Now it is truly up to us to do what we learn.






Cardio Doctor Impressed with Heart & Body Extract

Hi Gary,

I had an "incident" last week that was very painful for me, but the consensus now is that it was GI rather than cardiac, but at any rate I saw a cardiologist this afternoon (mine is on vacation) and had an EKG that showed no acute event and was unchanged from the last office study in April.  I've added Heart and Body Extract to my lengthy meds list and included a copy of its ingredients in case the doc was interested.  Well, he WAS, and after looking over the sheet, said, "Sounds good; just don't go telling everyone about it or I'll lose my job."  I thought that was a great reply, as maybe he recognizes the good that God's natural substances can do for folks.  By the way, he is a older doc (I'd say in his 50's at least) from India.


Maggie K



Hit The Nail




You have hit the nail squarely on the head!  I have tried a number of these “remedies” only to find that their most significant impact was on my wallet!  God would never make it this confusing.  I am trying to do most of the things you recommended; I do a little dairy now and then, but it is probably not more than the equivalent of 2 glasses of milk a week and a couple of patties of butter.  I am trying for consistent life change instead of “crash diet change followed by falling off of the wagon.”


Jim T.



Migraines Abated


I have been taking the enzymes for about 6 weeks now.  The most impressive difference has been in my energy level which has been seriously diminished for the past couple of years.  My husband has been amazed and thinks he has a "new" wife!

The probiotics have been very helpful with some intestinal issues I've been having for a while, and overall, I'm feeling so much better and I actually have the energy to do so many more things that had fallen by the wayside during my time of "dis-ease!"  Probably the most exciting side effect of taking the enzymes, probiotics, and liquid vitamins has been that the migraine headaches that used to plague me continuously have greatly abated.  I used to feel them coming on almost daily.  Now I have gone 3 to 4 weeks without that migraine feeling at all.  I am also working with Gary on some spiritual and thought-based healing which is truly a blessing!!!  We feel so blessed to go to Skyway Church, have taken this class and met such an amazing, knowledgeable, and caring person in Gary!!!  The final benefit of all this is the reduced cost in the manner of supplements, vitamins, etc. which had been mounting at an alarming rate (over $300.00/month)  - now we feel better and the cost is very manageable!  May everyone be as blessed as we are!


Emily J.




Neuropathy pain alleviated


I've been taking ALA/ALC and Benfotiamine for SEVERAL months and actually began noticing a lessening of severe peripheral neuropathy within the first two weeks.  I'm a 55+ year diabetic with frequent severe episodes of neuropathy in my legs that can keep me awake all night if I don't take a narcotic to knock me out!  It's great to be free of the debilitating neuropathy pain.  I'm very grateful for this supplement and plan to take it forever!


Maggie K



Wow, what a difference!! 

I was at a very weak time in my life where I had very little energy, extremely pale in color and feeling shaky as I attempted to do my everyday tasks of having a 3 yr. old daughter to care for.  The Doctors that I had gone to did many tests i.e. chest x-ray, CT scan with dye injected, EKG and everything came up negative.  We were stumped as to what was happening to my body.  I spoke to Gary Pyles at church on a Wednesday evening and I took his written health evaluation and with the help of that information and blood I was placed on Enzymes, Probiotics, and liquid Vitamins.  Wow, what a difference!!  I have my color back in my body, energy and strength to face the day and a skip in my step!!!  Thank You to God and to Gary Pyles for placing Gary in my life!!


Karen M          Back to Top

This is for Gary Pyles:


I wanted to update you on Becky's prognosis. Remember , you contacted us after seeing her web site and you sent us some books...and suggested that she look into liposomal Vit C...

I really think the liposomal Vit. C has made a big difference. She has been taking it ever since we read the book you sent. I'm not sure how much she takes but it is about a box and a half per week. She takes it every couple of hours or so. Thanks so much for getting us the information.

She just came home from Roswell Park where she had a massive operation to remove the cancer. It couldn't have gone better and we believe it is at least partially because of the Vit C she has been taking. The cancer never spread into her vital organs so they were able to remove 100% of the cancer. They then flooded the abdomen cavity with hot Chemo which is supposed to kill any cancer cells left. Prognosis is good. Doctor says if it doesn't come back in a couple of years then she is cured. We are hopeful that if she eats right, gets her Vit C infusions, continues with the liposomal C, with God’s grace she will be healed.

You really have made a difference to us and we thank you for your kindness. If you like you can keep up to date on her progress at

Thanks again Gary you are a blessing


Doug (Becky’s father)