The first half of the hike is rated as moderate. It is a gradual climb up to some switchbacks with the shear cliffs rising up from your feet. The magnitude of the cliffs form a majestic backdrop to the flat desert view.

There is a resting spot at the halfway point which is the saddle between the two peaks. From there the excitement starts to build as you descend  the built-up staircase around the southern edge to enter the inner basin of the higher peak. From there the pictures take over to allow you to vicariously experience the ohhs and ahhhs of this fabulous hike. Thousands of people per year climb this monument between Phoenix and Tucson. On any given weekend you will find hundreds of people camping and climbing.


What to wear: Layer your clothes depending on the weather. It could be cool and the morning with the temperature rising at the top. Protection from the sun is needed. Wear sturdy shoes, either hiking or good walking shoes.

Gripping gloves are highly recommended. A fanny pack is a must to carry your snacks, lunch and water. A camera is a must to record your experience! Binoculars would be helpful to view the surrounding land.


Since it is a state park there are good facilities. Cost per vehicle is $7 (up to four people per vehicle).



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