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 Doctorís Best Natural Brain Enhancers with AlphaSize & SerinAid is a unique formula that supports brain health and mental performance *


 GPC (Glycerophosphocholine) and PS (Phosphatidylserine) have been intensively researched for their benefits for diverse human brain functions.*


 The nutrients in Doctorís Best Natural Brain Enhancer support attention, learning, memory and other cognitive functions.*


 These nutrients naturally complement each other: -Alpha-GPC rapidly delivers choline to the brain across the blood-brain barrier and is a biosynthetic precursor of the acetylcholine neurotransmitter* -PS is an important phospholipid membrane component of cell membranes and plays a key role in cell cycle signaling*


 Gluten Free, Non-GMO, Vegetarian, Vegan


How does it work?

GPC: The body uses GPC (Glycerophosphocholine) to make at least three functionally diverse nutrientsócholine, acetylcholine, and phosphatidylcholine (PC). These three GPC metabolites are needed for supporting healthy gene regulation, mental and visual performance, the brainís stimulation of voluntary muscles, and the non-conscious coordination of internal organ functions by the autonomic nervous system. GPC and its metabolites are fundamentally involved in growth, renewal and overall health maintenance, across the human lifespan. PS: Best Natural Brain Enhancers provides the vital brain nutrient phosphatidylserine (PS) in a matrix of other phospholipids. PS is a building block for the brainís nerve cell connections (synapses).* More than 30 double-blind clinical trials document the benefits of PS for memory, learning, and other cognitive functions. PS also helped in coping with mental and physical stress.*