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After suffering a moderate heart attack, spending five days in ICU, and failing the stress test, Gary, against the advice of his cardiologist, signed himself out of the hospital. He went in search of a more promising and less invasive therapy and found it in the field of functional and orthomolecular medicine. After nine months of nutritional and chelation therapy he climbed to the saddle of Mount Humphries in Flagstaff, Arizona at an elevation of 11,600’ and ran down the mountain, keeping up with a young man in his mid-twenties.

Building on his educational degree and science background, he went on a quest to explore the basics of health and wellness. This led him into the field of functional medicine and nutritional therapy. He realized that in order to live a healthy and long life he needed to take charge of his own health affairs. He wanted to be proactive in making health decisions rather than waiting for a symptom to manifest and then go to a doctor for a diagnosis. As a degreed ordained minister he has a holistic (wholeness) worldview including the spiritual and mental roots of diseases and blocks to healing. Gary (Ph.D.) uses biblically-based Christian counseling therapies. As a Certified Life Coach he has the knowledge and experience to help you obtain your health goals. Whether you are healthy and want to stay that way or have issues which need attention, Apex CS has the resources to encourage and help you in your health decisions. As the senior consultant he currently has private clientele, teaches health classes, and a speaker at seminars and conferences. Apex Consulting Services is established to provide you a resource for your continuing health education.











Philosophy of  Practice


Apex CS helps a person establish a health baseline from which they can consistently refer to when a symptom does manifest. Most people are not conscious of their health until there are symptoms. The standard treatment is to find a protocol which addresses the current symptom. In time a person may be taking many different drugs, herbs, and supplements for each symptom. Each symptom has an underlying root cause which may or may not be addressed. Unless a baseline is established for all body systems a person does not know where they stand health wise. Without a baseline and a consistent application of health principals and protocols, it is a hit and miss approach which leaves out areas that are important to be addressed. Apex CS teaches and counsels people on proper health practices and protocols, using minimal supplements. We help people establish a healthy lifestyle which becomes integrated into their very being. It is more than head knowledge, it becomes a matter of the mind and soul of an individual.

In our teaching and counseling, we start with the spirit since humans are spirit. We follow the spiritual with the mind, will and emotions since everything begins with a thought. A thought affects attitude; attitude affects your emotions; emotions affect your behavior and behavior affects the function of the whole body. Drugs, herbs, and supplements have their place to mitigate the symptoms, but the real healing starts with the spirit followed by the mind, will and emotions.


The goal of the classes as taught by doctor Gary is to give people the knowledge to be able to make informed health decisions and thus avoid health compromising conditions in the first place. In order to be successful in the long term, health is a critical element for everyone’s quality of life.  If you would like to set up a class in your area, schedule an appointment  or have other questions, please contact us about available dates and times.

The information contained on this site is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice provided by a physician or other health care professional. Readers are asked to consult other sources as well as to obtain direct consultation with a physician when making decisions about their health care. Apex CS does not make medical claims for the products on this site nor do we diagnose or prescribe. These products are not intended to mitigate, diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. We do not heal the sick. We show people how to stay well by teaching good health principles. The opinions expressed by any links or videos are those of each source and not necessarily those of Apex CS.

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Gary L. Pyles  BRE, MA, Ph.D.

Senior Counselor

Certified Life Coach


If I can do it, you can do it!

Let me help you achieve your goals; whether it’s weight loss, dealing with a degenerative / life threatening condition or just a healthier lifestyle.

Gary at 208 lbs. w/ daughter

Gary at 156 lbs. w/ wife